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One Masculine Man Needs Same Age or Older Buddy
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1masculineman Male 62 Gay Muscle Dad
Love my life, the outdoors, boating, swimming, hiking, exploring, art, movies, music, eating out, fun and adventure... In good shape, work out with weights regularly; very masculine, disease free and looking for same. Prefer dignified, well-built men. Smooth chest a plus, and a touch of grey turns me on. I have a great sense of humor and I am all kinds of funny. My humor has gotten me in trouble more than once. Life is short; I like to make the impossible happen and I have done so many times: self-employed artist for 15 years now, just completed construction on a dream-come-true 900 sq. ft. art studio, within the last several years I have wrestled muscular guys that weight over 200 pounds and won, tent camped across the US, in 2009 I became a certified open water scuba diver. Next goals: private pilot's license and a date with you. Hit me up. I need a buddy.
Dade City North Florida

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