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**VIRGIN territory** (doubt it'll be that way much longer! ;D ) ...playdate?! ;)
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21 Male 33 Bisexual Silver Daddy
Younger ISO Older, dominant, 'daddy-type'. Out of shape a bit of a plus.. hhaaha. Now for the kicker. New to ALL this. I've got this yearn 10 years in the making, and I'm tired of screwing around and not doing. So I'm testing the water. If you're in here, splash me! This whole fantasy wanting to come to life has been based upon the idea of an old guy pretty much making/showing me that I'm his bitch for a night in a hotel or camping somewhere safe or something. Nothing hardcore, just a stern ''Take your clothes off. Get on your knees. Suck me. Swallow. Get ready to lose your virginity.'' that kind of thing. haha. Massive ad, but at least it's specific. You'll know if you fit the bill! IF it turns out I'm into this Beyond just wanting to try it chances are I'd want you to continue to be the guy to 'enjoy my body/bootycall.' haha So ya. Might want to make note of that if you contact me. Recap: You're older than 45. Older the better, actually. :) Prefer out of shape, but not dealbreaker. You're disease free. Oh, and I actually LIKE seeing cock pics. There's something about a nice cock that makes me go crazy!!... I really can't believe I haven't done anything about these desires yet. So.. here I am.
edmonton Alberta

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