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'There is nothing like a dream to create the future.'
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2amicus Male 75 Gay Relationship
Older and mature: This can be a helpful and a misleading phrase...helpful in that it sounds respectable, confident and established...misleading in that it sounds elderly, passé and tired. I can truthfully say that I may be as old as I am, but I do not look it, nor do I act it, nor do I feel it. I love life. I am active in many areas -- especially international travel, volunteer work, my friends, my dogs and my personal interests. I love good food and interacting with nice people. My partner of several years passed away in 2001; he was younger than me and died from leukemia. Naturally, it took quite a while to readjust from this tragic incident, but I did. I am now ready to begin a relationship with the right person. Such an endeavor does take time, and I am willing to journey down this path if you are. I am interested in many things, mainly good music; good books; travel; intelligent conversation; going to name a few. Please tell me about yourself...OK? I would love to begin knowing the right person. Oh, yes...I can read German, Italian and Spanish fairly well....Latin too. Thanks.
Grand Rapids Michigan

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