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Well this is fun (:
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AJ_Reborn Male 27 Other Relationship
All those crazy things you said You left them running through my head You're always there, you're everywhere But right now I wish you were here. You use your heart as a weapon and it hurts like heaven. 'Bow ties are cool' The Doctor <3 Above all, stay classy not trashy. Sugar daddies welcome, if not then finding someone to love is great too (: Hey my name is AJ. I am just out to see what life has to offer and just have as much fun as possible. I love to just lay in the grass and stare at the sky while listening to my iphone or just relax and talk to my friends. I don't follow the 'norm' in life and I'm so happy because if you're 'normal' then life is boring and no fun. Having a mind of your own makes life more fun and doing stuff that makes people question what's going on is so much fun to do. I love my friends to death and I am gay and I have been out since November 15th, 2008. I am proud to be who I am and I never look back on it. Also newly single so I am taking advantage of that by just having so many hookups but am open to anything really at this point in my life.
Clemson South Carolina

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