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Alisdair Male 54 Gay Relationship
Hello, my name is James. I am 54 years old, 182 cm tall and weigh 99 kg. I am here looking to meet someone and get to know them, hopefully for what will become a lifetime together eventually. I am finishing my degrees in Psychology and Communications. I worked in the culinary field for almost forty years, a decade of that on the Las Vegas strip. I live in western Montana in the northwest USA. I really love and enjoy nature and the outdoors. I love reading,music, gardening, history, culture, and am very curious. I am a homebody mostly. I don’t enjoy large crowds of people. I am not a conservative person, except for my relationship with my partner. I am not interested in anything like an open relationship personally. To each their own but it is not for me. I would rather be alone than in an open relationship. Other than this I am a very open minded and liberal person. I myself am not typical. I am one of the least materialist people I know. To me there are things far more important than wealth and what is typically labeled success in our modern world. Appearance is far less important than being a decent person with a good heart. I will also answer any questions you may have, I am an open book. So if you are curious about something just ask. That is what I am here for, looking to find someone younger than me who is looking for a serious long term relationship and is willing to work on building it online at least for the first several months.
Missoula Montana

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