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Me, My dog, my hiking boots, my type of day
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AlzKhalifa007 Male 27 Gay Relationship
I am a simple young man, Am down to earth and easily inspired by purpose-minded people I meet. I have a great sense of humor and quick to laugh! I am a man that loves romance, affection, intimacy, little surprises and of course I love to be pampered. I am also a generous, transparent man, mentally stable, physically fit, gentle,positive, funny and purpose-driven. My dreams and goals in life are very simple, My principle is living one day at a time and enjoying the moments. Being single again after a long period has made me realize how important it is to value the little life we have while on earth. Am presently giving in my best to maintain a balance. I am a health worker and a student as well. My work is challenging, rewarding and also allows me to follow my passion. I so much find fulfillment, peace of mind and joy in giving to others. What am looking for, I'm looking for a Man that believes there's something greater than himself, A man who is generous with his time and talents. I just want to meet a man with so much love to give, a honest man, romantic, down to earth. A man who is loving, generous, and full of fun. I am looking for a man that enjoys trying new things. A man that truly believes in unconditional love and wants to have serious relationship. A man to run the race along side me. A man that will lead us into an incredible future, and also 'have my back.' Friendship is a great place to start. I do enjoy productive conversations, taking walks, listening to music, having quiet moments in door even though I love the outdoors as well. Would be a pleasure to share all about me with that special man in person or through emails and texts. So feel free to drop a note you can also leave your email and I will write you as soon as I can.
Chicago Illinois

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