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31 years old 6'0 tall 175lbs with a athletic built. I wear preppy glasses and more of the preppy jock type with a twist of country. I am very down to earth person who went to University of Texas and graduated with two bachelors degrees in Business Organizational Development/Sports Marketing and Liberal Arts. I also graduated from University of North Texas with a master degree in International Studies Modern Asian Economics. Despite my education I am very humble person who was raised with morals. I grew up in the Dallas area and I am the only child. My parents raised me with the morals they were brought up from the country. I guess that is why I enjoy the country so much. I am a low key person who likes nice simple things in life. Despite my age I have witness life journeys ups and downs. I am a guy who have a sense of his faith and do not force my faith to others in society. I enjoy doing things with friends and doing stuff with the person I am with. I enjoy listening to different types of music, seeing new places, eating out and cooking at home. I have been too several rodeos in my life and enjoy going to them whether it is the straight or gay rodeos. Most of the time I am a homebody who enjoys watching some television whether it is sports or movies. I do enjoy going out and having some fun with friends or that special person. I am a non-smoker and social drinker. I do not particpant in drugs or people who uses them. I am also a romantic guy who enjoys being sensual with the person I am with. I am looking to have a wonderful relationship with a handsome man who enjoys the same things I enjoy as well. I also like to wear t-shirts and jeans or shorts at times. I try to live life to its fulliest and enjoy every moment in this world. Well I hope that does not scare you off. Just a reg guy here looking to make a mark in the world we live in. Would like to meet someone to date and live a LTR...Looking to relocate if possible. If interested email me
Mesquite Texas

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