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Anplschsr Male 55 Gay Girth Mirth Dad
Looking for someone who: - knows the importance not of staring at each other but of us both looking in the same direction and; - who is more interested in me than he is in himself and more interested in us than he is in me (Bonus points if you know the musical this is from!) I like someone who can be a little adventuresome in bed or at least be willing to try new things. Someone who is an imaginative and resourceful lover who knows that making love is not an activity that is restricted to the bedroom and sexual activities. And that often the key to romance is mental not physical. I'd like to meet someone who is secure enough to be a little silly at times and laugh at himself as well as at me. I'd like someone who will be supportive not threatened when I do well or win 10 games in a row. Who is a gentleman and puts feelings before manners.
Upper Marlboro Maryland

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