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Nice/hopeless romantic guy looking to meet, chat, date & see where it goes from there. Enjoy going to the movies, listening to music, meeting for coffee, loves cars, etc. Enjoy playing tennis, racquetball, soccer, baseball, softball, getting back in shape(I need help in this area),etc. Would also like to learn Golf! I enjoy my life to be as neat and orderly(most of the I have my days)as one possibly can. Being honorable, trustworthy, kind, compassionate are qualities I believe I have & look for in another. I'm goal oriented & entrepreneurial(again, look for that in another). I am open to personal growth & I love to laugh. Have somewhat of a sense of humor. I'm a good listener. Hope you are too! I believe most men here that say, 'I'm looking for thin,slim,smooth,hairy,specific age', limit themselves in finding a man/young man that they could fall in love with or even find a GOOD friend! Men, try not to limit yourself. Open you mind & if you can...your heart to the potential in people. I can assure you that you will not be as disappointed as you probably have been. Who knows??? Maybe the man/boy that can make you truly happy is 20lbs heavier rather than light(weight can be lost/vice versa), or is moderately hairy rather than smooth. Im sure you get my point. I hopeless romantic side coming out. Ask yourself.....what I'm looking for, is it realistic? How has it worked for you so far? Don't be afraid to say hi. Make sure to leave an email address so I can respond. Take care & good luck in your search for the 'one'. By the way, whatever happened to the guys with some meat on them! Just look at most of my favorites for examples.
Long Beach California

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