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Hello. I've realised that I haven't updated this profile for quite a long time, so here it goes.... I get extremely turned on with a man with BLUE/GREEN/HAZEL eyes!!!!! I LOVE TALL (6'2' and above) MEN!!! :-) I don't mean to sound like I'm full of myself, however, please do read my profile thoroughly. It took me some time to write this, so a minute or two of your time will be much appreciated. Please read carefully. Hello, I am based in Newcastle upon Tyne and occasionally travel around the UK, and internationally. I only like big (tall) and hairy white older chunky men. I like to please the man that I'm with, as long as it's safe, clean and pain free. More of a passive/sub bottom but have been top a few times. I enjoy body contact, kissing, roleplaying, etc. ME: Height - 5ft. 7.5in. Weight - OH NO! My BIGGEST downfall.... Around 180lbs, but trying to get it(MY WEIGHT!) down a bit. I have gained a lot of weight since I moved in England. Age - It'd probably be easier if I put my year of birth, which is 1983. Zodiac Sign - Scorpio (*wink*). Please take note of my filters/preferences, and the details in my profile. It is there for a reason. (take note: I have a few pictures, but definitely not into swapping, cyber/webcam/phone sex. I only like the real thing. I just want to see a recent and clear picture of your face and body first. Please do not have shades/dark specs). It should be AT LEAST 400 X 300 PIXELS AND YOU SHOULD BE CLEARLY VISIBLE TO AN 80 YEAR OLD PENSIONER (not my real age and I won't show your pics to anyone; it's just a figure of speech!). Not meeting these simple requirements will mean a no thank you from me (in other words, I will ignore your profile/message). NO CLEAR AND RECENT FACE PIC IN YOUR MESSAGE/PROFILE WILL NOT GET A RESPONSE FROM ME. Please ALWAYS attach your face/body pic(s) in ALL your messages if you don't have it on your profile. Please give me a few days of notice if you want to meet me. I work full-time, and can't drop things at the drop of a hat. My work is most important to me as it helps me support myself so please understand this bit. Give me a day/time and I will see if I can make it. I must have at least 2-3 days of notice. At the moment, I only travel to areas en route to where I have to work in to save on petrol. If you have made it through this far, then I guess you should send me a message and say hi. I won't bite (unless asked), promise! Please put 'Eudemonic' on the subject field of your message; this will tell me that you've had a bit of a gander on my profile. :-) Any questions, just ask. Thanks for reading. I am not always in front of the computer even if you see my profile as online. I will reply to your message in time, so please be patient.
Newcastle upon Tyne United Kingdom

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