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Berem11 Male 33 Gay Phone Sex
Hi everyone. I'm a slim 31 y/o son type looking for a nice Daddy to get to know. I would like to start by making friends and then see where things go from there. I have plenty of interests in and out of the bedroom. Feel free to message me and ask anything. I always love a good conversation. I will admit that I work 13 days straight with minimal time off. I will message when I can, but please do not be offended by my silence or think I've decided to stop talking to you. I am looking for someone to message and have sexy or regular text conversations. As I mentioned at the beginning, I'd be happy just to make a few friends. If those friends like sexy conversation, I'm totally okay with that as well. My main turn off is smoking. I'm also not into spanking and most BDSM play, but I am open to discussing what things I like, if you want to message me. I hope you all are well and thank you for reading through my profile.
Indianapolis Indiana

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