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GWM Seeks Monogamous Only LTR with Same/Real, Genuine and Non-Scene Friends are Welcome
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BlueeyesinTN Male 68 Gay Relationship
I'm a GWM who desires a serious and monogamous soulmate with another individual who desires the same. A little personal info about myself: I'm a young looking 66, as I've been told; 5'9, 172, light brown hair/blue eyes, very short goatee, moderately hairy, considered nice-looking by peers and colleagues; some think attractive and I can be somewhat timid/shy at times. I don't get into the PNP scene, I don't drink/nor use drugs. For things I enjoy: the outdoors such as camping/fishing at times, I get into hiking/exploring, long rides in the countryside, on the mountain and along the river. Also, enjoy tennis/racquetball. I enjoy working out the yard, gardening which can be therapeutic at times. I like quite-evenings at home, cooking, having a nice dinner with a real friend or a special person, listening to music, watching tv/cable, movies in the VCR, coffee shops, or maybe going for a long walk or sitting on the porch having a nice long conversation. Personally, I consider myself versatile (0nly in a LTR); NOT into WS/FF/S&M, i.e.along these aspects; consider myself a romantic in many ways, monogamous, and communicator (3R's - relax, relate & release); trustworthy, and honesty are big factors in a serious LTR. I'm HIV- negative (01/05/2019 - F.Y.I. but HIV friendly) Sorry, NOT into the 'open relationships', only a monogamous one for me! I enjoy the simple things and pleasures in life, down to Earth and basic things. Pretty much looking for someone with the same values, scruples and interests I have shared in this profile. Someone that is NOT into the gay lifestyle. Someone who for the most has his own 'house' (life) in order and not a lot of 'baggage'. And someone who is fairly 'weight/height' proportion, average to above average looks. Not into BS, game players, etc., so please be sincere/serious if you decide to response to my personal. Thank you for taking the time to stop and check it out. *** An idea match would be a guy who can relate with a bit of what I put in the earlier profile section on here; not into the gay lifestyle but knows there is much more to life; who enjoys the simple things and pleasures of life, down to Earth, i.e. Someone who enjoys quite times and evenings at home in comparison to large crowds, gatherings, i.e. Someone who enjoys the more serene and quieter things/times in life today. Someone who is independent within himself but can also be dependent on another person on a healthy aspect. Someone who is faithful, loyal, honest, monogamous, romantic, good kisser, cuddler, i.e. and willing to work through the bad times when they come into life, and knows how to communicate openly. Someone who is private/discreet with his life in terms of just not into laundrying out his personal life to the public; personally don't see any reasons to really do so simple as that. Someone who has pride within himself, average to above average in looks, takes care of himself for the most parts, is 'Weight/Height Proportion', likes himself/has a good relationship within himself, and has a desire to share his life with another fellow mate! And last but not written in stone, someone who is more or less close around my age, give and take, which makes more sense to be able to relate with life on life's terms together, but not written in stone it all depends on the person. I'm partial to trim facial hair such as a moustache, goatee or trimmed beard, but not locked in stone of course either! *** And last - if you made it this far - LOL - please NO just dick shots - I have one of those too guys and not real thrill on conversing with profiles without a 'facial' picture and/or at least attach/send one; only due fair in return and reluctant to reply without. Real & genuine friends are welcome, until the right one comes along. By the way, I do look at a lot of profiles on here; some out of serious interests, some just for enjoyment at times so could run across yours over and over for whatever reason(s). As the cliche' goes 'Hats Off to All of You Guys' who truly have a solid and totally 'monogamous' relationship - you and your partner ONLY! I truly commend and admire you both tremedously! Keep it going that way!
Chattanooga Tennessee

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