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Boy4Father Male 20 Gay Silver Daddy
Hello my name is geo and I'm honestly seeking a relationship with an older man who is going to love me. I enjoy camping, cooking, sports, TV, swimming, tennis, hiking. I want a man who is gonna be there when I wake up and be there when I go to bed. I do enjoy the dad/son type relationship and would love to roleplay but if you aren't into that, that's fine :) I'm not huge on looks of course I'd like you to be handsome but you could be the hottest dad but if you have a bad personality it's over. I'm half Hispanic half Korean. I am an average build as I did track and shotput in highschool so I have a big chest and good thighs. If you want a boy whose gonna love you hard then I'm your boy. Open to meeting and checking things out.
Van Nuys California

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