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Looking for Asian, Hispanic, or Native American Son
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BroncoBilly60 Male 68 Bisexual Relationship
Loving mature Black man who is different than anyone you probably know. Intelligent, active, EXCEPTIONAL sense of humor. I am an EXPERIENCED Dad with sons of my own from previous marriage. I really want to find an adventurous SON who is willing to see the world. While I am not good looking, I do have other qualities. I am smooth(natural, not shaved). Your personality, intelligence, humor or any of your inner facets are the most important part of the person I am looking for. Physical qualities are secondary at best. I want to love the person; not the shell. If you need more information, leave a flirt. I live in Seoul Korea most of the year. Asians and Hispanic men are high on my list of people I would love to meet, although I know historically Asians do not care for Blacks, I am still hopeful to see that change in my lifetime. Aside from that, ANY race is great as long as the person is human and willing to accept me as I am willing to accept you. I hope to bring you as much pleasure as you can bring to me.
Denver Colorado
Ginowan / Okinawa Japan

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