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Bruen Male 59 Gay
Originally from NYC, I moved to Durham from in 2017. I work as an art director for an arts organization and I love my job. I also freelance as an illustrator. Doing artwork for magazines, book covers among other stuff. What else can I tell you? I'm intelligent, warm hearted, sensitive, sincere, down-to-earth, funny, love Earl Grey tea, good conversation, love my friends, like discovering new things and be able to share that moment with someone, enjoy lazy afternoons listening to NPR, while my cats stare out the screen door and my dog Taj lays at my feet. I'm a closet jock, meaning I enjoy watching football, basketball and play tennis. I play with a gay tennis league in town. Something I haven't done since moving here is going camping. I use to camp a couple times a year in New York's Finger Lakes and Adirondacks. Haven't met anyone that wants to go camping down here. I'm at a point in my life where I have good friends now, a fun job, a comfortable place. The time is right to meet someone and make space in my life for someone. My ideal man doesn't surround himself with things, or people to shape a false image of himself. My ideal? A guy; cute; someone with a good heart; a thinker; trusting and honest; a joker; loves to learn; knows how to work and when to relax; loves life; an explorer; loves his family and loves his friends.
Durham North Carolina

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