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Butt4play Male 69 Gay Fuck Buddy
I'm a horny bottom in search of a player. My ass likes to be caressed, fondled, spanked, paddled, slapped, whipped, belted, rimmed, licked, bit, nibbled, chewed, clamped, pinched, clothes pinned, needled, pinned, shaved, waxed, iced, fingered, stuffed, painted, drawn on, etc. and of course fucked! Grab my ASS and show me what you can do. I really like when a guy uses my ass for hours at a time. I like having my pants ripped open when in a bar or ? Outside of the above activities I lead a pretty normal life. I work and when I come home I like to kick back with the day's paper, I watch a little tv and I enjoy reading a good book. I keep up on current affairs and I enjoy spending time with my two best dogs! I enjoy going to nice, inexpensive restaurants and visiting with my people friends, though not excessively. My phone conversations are usually short and I like to go out for an occasional drink but it's not a necessity. I enjoy working in my yard and hangin' on the deck when weather permits. My taste in music varies from soft and melodic to loud and screaming. I like watching movies and enjoy live theater from a lavish stage production to school plays. I like to walk and bike and hike. I love the woods. Nature has a soothing effect on me. Drop me a note and say hi! I'm not shy
Fort Lauderdale Florida
Stevon's Alter Ego

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