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Silver Bearded Daddy/Granddaddy bear in San Antonio
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ChicagoBurbsDad Male 71 Gay Fuck Buddy
60 something yo Silver Bearded daddy/granddaddy bear looking to meet chasers and cubbies and boys. I tend to like younger men, but every time I define 'my type' I seem to enjoy 'what isn't my type,' so I've given up on trying. I am a non-smoker. I am a social drinker (a couple of beers with friends from time to time is a good thing). Life is sometimes complicated, but I try to enjoy what life brings. This bear has totally average equipment, so if you're looking for 'hung,' I'm not your bear. HIV STATUS: Neg. -- I work for HIV program and routinely test. I'll play safe with anyone, but know and be honest about your status or move on. Currently on PrEP I am the last Great Lakes Puppy Handler and hold the title for 2006 and enjoy working with boys interested in pup play. Thanks Mama for pinning me your Great Lakes Handler. Flag Hunter Green left, most of the time. married but husband and I have an open relationship, and play together or separate, and there is always room for friends and fun, and maybe more then one boy -- who said a dad could only have one boy? Life is too short not to have fun, but just be Safe. Daddy is mostly a bottom for anal
San Antonio Texas

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