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Visiting England end-April, early May 2018
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Chrismt Male 62 Gay Relationship
I'm 57, seeking a son for a lasting relationship, possibly to relocate, live with me and maybe work for me. I'm in decent shape, fairly dom with a kinky streak, full trimmed beard, pipe smoker. I travel when I can, swim and hike a lot, enjoy biking, camping. I'm looking for a long term relationship, but fun is fun. If you are a student, I'd consider your living with me while going to college in this university town. Laugh more; life is short. :) P.S. If I send a flirt, it just means I'm out of messages for the day. Flirt me back if you are, too. :) There's an invite to chat button. If I send that, or receive one, I'll go to the chat room here.
Bozeman Montana

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