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ClickableGem Male 42 Gay Relationship
Awake and self-aware person of substance with the ususal foibles enriching his life. I'm capable of interacting with all kinds of personality but I'm mostly reflective. I strive to get the right balance of everything. I enjoy the company of an intelligent man - from bantering, cerebral conversation, to dining, to intellectual discussions and to passionate sex. I'm fairly insightful and borderline opinionated. I have an insatiable curiosity about life and enjoy keeping myself fit physically, intellectually and spiritually. Travelling, Eloquence, Investing, Designs and Consciousness comprise the core of my interests . But I'm also an admirer of most extraordinary human achievement - in arts performances, music, literature, circus, sports and business. I put up this profile as an alternative to the 'gay scene' in finding guys with a disposition aligned to mine; is a prelude to an actual encounter for two mutually exclusive purposes: 1. FOR RELATIONSHIP( PRIMARY AIM): I would like to bond with a man of evolved spirit who can benefit from the energy that I share.Someone who would like the idea of living together, functioning as a family unit but also understand the time I need for myself alone. 2. FOR ONE-NIGHT STAND OR NO STRINGS SEX: Hung and uncut generally do the trick, You don't have to be interesting, or smart or anything. Just have a good hygiene. After all it's a one night stand. If that. Maybe 15 minutes! I'm quite occupied with PRODUCTIVE STUFF and have a very limited. So I prefer to contact people I WILL ACTUALLY MEET IN PERSON.

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