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Clu Male 67 Gay
INTRODUCTION Name/Nickname: Cluette/Clu Age: 51 Years Young Seeking Older or Younger? Younger Top City/State/Country: Self Picture Included? Yes Seeking One Time, Part Time or Lifetime? Open to all Willing to Relocate? Yes STATS Height: 5'9" Weight: 163 Race: Caucasian Hair Color: brown/balck/balding/kinda look like Captain Picard Eye Color: Hazel Endowment(Cock Size): 8" Cut or Uncut: cut Facial Hair: 5 o'clock shadow Build: medium Body Hair: chest, legs, arms, ass Relationship Status: single HIV Status: neg Tattoos: none Body Piercings: none Additional Info: Hi My Name Is Clu, I turned 51 August 5, I'm looking for fuck buddies! I live in Chicago. I知 a bottom! Im 5.8, 150 pounds, 8 cock, cut, GWM, bubble butt bottom, hairy chest, and arms, and legs. I have hazel eyes and am balding with salt & pepper hair. I kinda look like Captain Picard ! I知 into young and older guys. Blonds make me hot! I知 also into guys with tattoos & piercing!!!! I am also into PUNKS, and SKINHEADS! Black's & Mex's! I知 into gang bangs, I would luv to be fucked by 2 guys at the same time, WS with the right guy! I also have BareBacked and also play safe! If you have any pics I would luv to see them! PREFERENCES (Optional) Oral: Give, Receive or Both: both Anal: Top, Bottom or Versatile: Bpttom Rimming: Give, Receive, or Both: both Prefer 1-on-1, 3-Way or Group: All Practice Safe Sex or Bareback: Bareback/and safe Favorite Position(s): on back,up against the wall,bottom in orgy Favorite Lube: Elbow Greese Other Preferences: I知 into gang bangs, I would luv to be fucked by 2 guys at the same time, WS with the right guy! I also have BareBacked and also play safe! Likes: I like young and older guys. Blonds make me hot! I知 also into guys with tattoos & piercing!!!! I am also into PUNKS, and SKINHEADS! Black's & Mex's! I知 into gang bangs, I would luv to be fucked by 2 guys at the same time, WS with the right guy! I also have BareBacked and also play safe! Dislikes: "no shows" and bullshit, scatt, blood, pain, Fems Your Ideal Date/Mate: Younger hung guys Hobbies/Interests: Theatre, Movies, bicycle, camping, outdoors, running, SEX! ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Looking for hung guys to fuck with and also may be looking for a room-mate sitituation where I move to you. Sexual Profile 1. Percentage Dominant: 10% 2. Percentage Submissive: 90% 3. Prefered Position: Submissive and/or bottom 4. Percentage Masculine Mannerisms: 90% Masculine General Information: Master/Dominant Experience None but willing to learn Submissive Experience 1. Explain why you want to be used?: I enjoy getting fucked and love to pleasure others. 14. Explain what you would do for a master to prove yourself: Just about anything. . . 15. Explain your idea of a relationship with a dominant: A dom that also wants a partner, a lover, but wants to put the fag in its place when dom desires. 16. Other important information: Not into extreme pain or blood and limitations Sexual Activities HEY ALL I AM MOSTLY BOTTOM Ass Stuffing: Yes Ball Stretching: Yes Ball Sucking: Yes Blindfolds: Yes Blow Job: Yes Bondage in Duct Tape: Perhaps / willing to try Bondage in Leather: Perhaps ./ willing to try Bondage in Rope: Yes Boot licking: Yes Bound in Chain: Yes Branding: No Bull Whipping: No Collars/Leash: Yes Confinement in Total Darkness: Maybe Confinement Long: No Confinement Outdoor: No Confinement Short: Yes Confinement Solitary: No Dildos: Yes Favorite Dog training (treated like a dog): Maybe Eat Cum: Yes Favorite Luv Facials Enemas (What type): Yes (water) Fagged (Forced Femininity): No Fisting: Yes Want to learn Forced "Escorting": Yes Food Deprivation: No Foot (bare) Worship (liking, smelling): NOT into smelly feet Foot (socks) Worship (liking, smelling): Same as above Fucking: Fuck Yes Favorite Gag Bandana or cloth: Yes Gag Duct Tape: No Gag Leather: Yes Gang Fucking: Fuck Yes Favorite Gas Masks: No Golden Cocktail (Gore): No Group Sex (3-8 guys): Fuck Yes Favorite Hoods: Yes Hot Wax: No Humiliation (Private): Not really into humiliation, more of a boy than a slave Humiliation (Public): Same as above Kidnapping: Yes Mummified in Leather: No Mummified in Plaster: No Mummified in Plastic Wrap and Duct Tape: No Mummify in Rubber: No Nude Wrestling: Yes orgasm control: Maybe Paddling Heavy: reluctant, but possibly willing for right guy Paddling Light: Yes Paddling Medium: reluctant, but possibly willing for right guy Party Favour: Fuck Yes Favorite Penis Pumps: Fuck Yes Piercing: No Piss Drinking: No Piss In-Ass: Yes Piss Showers (Golden showers): Yes Piss Self (self pissing): No Pissing in Public (public piss play): No Pony Play (Be a human-pony): Willing Public Nudity: Fuck Yes Public Sex: Fuck Yes Rape: Fuck Yes Rimming: Fuck Yes Scat Dumping (dump on someone or in front of guys): No Scat Eating: FUCK NO Scat Feeding: No Scat Smearing: No Sensory Deprivation: No Shaving (where): Fuck Yes Slapping Heavy: No Slapping Light: Maybe Slapping Medium: No Sounds (rods inserted in penis): No Straight Jacket: Willing Suspension: Maybe Tit Torture Heavy: Refused (no bodily harm) Tit Torture Light: No Tit Torture Medium: No Verbal Abuse: No Whipping Heavy: No Whipping Light: Refused Whipping Medium: Refused (no bodily harm) Zoo Play (animals): NO ------------------------------------------------------------------ Duties Roster ------------------------------------------------------------------ For Submissives: 1. Caring for sick Master: Yes, in right situation 2. Cleaning the garage: Yes, in right situation 3. Cleaning the house: Yes, in right situation 4. Cleaning the yard: Yes, in right situation 5. Cooking: Expected Yes, in right situation 6. Ironing clothes: Yes, in right situation 7. Keeping silent unless asked: Yes, in right situation 8. Massaging Masters body: Fuck Yes 9. Massaging Masters feet: Yes, in right situation 10. Placing Masters desires above your own: Yes, in right situation 11. Sewing Masters clothes: Yes, in right situation 12. Sleeping in the garage: No 13. Sleeping on the floor: NO 14. Staying in your room: Yes 15. Taking out the trash: Fuck Yes 16. Taxi service: NO 17. Turning over your pay: FUCK NO . . . possibly later in right LTR 18. Waiting on or Serving Masters friends: Yes 19. Washing clothes: Yes ------------------------------------------------------------------ General Fetishes ------------------------------------------------------------------ Anal Extreme: Fuck Yes Favorite Barebacking: Fuck Yes Favorite Beastiality: No Boots: Yes Cops: Fuck Yes Cowboys: Fuck Yes Double-Fuck: Fuck Yes Favorite XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Electro: No Enemas: Fuck Yes Food Play: No Jocks: Fuck Yes Favorite Latex: NO Leather: Fuck Yes Photographs: Fuck Yes Pornography: Fuck Yes Socks/Feet: Indifferent Spandex: Yes Underwear: Fuck Yes Favorite Video Cameras: Fuck Yes Favorite Web Cameras: Fuck Yes Favorite ------------------------------------------------------------------ General Types ------------------------------------------------------------------ Athletes: Turn On Favorite Bad Boys: Turn On Favorite Blue-collar: Turn On Favorite Businessmen: Turn On Cops: Turn On Favorite Cowboys: Turn On Favorite Daddys/Bears: Some Skinheads: Turn On Favorite XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Military: Turn On Favorite Preppy Boys: Turn On Favorite Slutty Boys: Turn On Favorite Feminie Boys: Some Cross-Dressers: No Latins: Turn On Blonds: Turn on Polish Boys: Turn on Monster Cocks: Turn on XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ------------------------------------------------------------------ Drug Use ------------------------------------------------------------------ Drinks alcohol: Yes Has an alcohol problem: No # of drinks per day: 0-3 # of drinks per week: 06 Takes prescription drugs: No Takes recreational drugs: occasionally Uses poppers: Yes Smokes: No ------------------------------------------------------------------ Work & Education ------------------------------------------------------------------ Currently Employed: Yes Currently Career Field: Bartender Why not: Work you can do: Lots Work you have done: Computers, Theatre, Food Service, Bartending Graduated High School: Yes Year Graduated: 1995 Graduated College: No
Chicago Illinois

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