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Great mature guy here looking for nice younger men
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I have one wish and that is to find a nice young man who adores older guys. I am looking for a guy out there who can love and admire me as much as I do him. Someone I get to come home to and talk about our day. A person who is willing to be committed to each other no matter how hot or attractive the other guy might seem. I am looking for a man who is honest no matter how hard it hurts honesty always must be there in our life. Someone that shares his inner most thoughts, secrets, fears, and desires. A person who will come up behind me and wrap his arms around me and kiss and snuggle just because we are in love. Someone that isn't afraid to be who he is and is meant to be. Someone that can actually talk about sports, ideas, politics, current events, etc. Someone who appreciates time spent with each other no matter what we do. A younger guy who is not afraid to be seen in public with me and is actually proud of me as I am of him. Someone who's spontaneous yet organized. Someone who understands that we are humans and have our own faults & flaws and treats those as characteristics of a person rather than a fault or a flaw. Someone who has goals in life that's not limited to being able to wake up the next morning or afternoon. Someone who has patience and understanding. Someone who is passionate about life and love. I wish I could find a young guy who can exhibit some, if not all, of these characteristics. I once had a man like this but situations came into our lives and we had to move apart from each other. I know there are others out there. Is that guy you? Hope we can get to know each other better. In the meantime I am always looking for new friends and I dont mind a date or hook up too. I am a nice guy especially for those with little or no experience... Hope to hear from you if nothing else lets just chat ! Thanks for reading this long Profile it comes from the heart
Milwaukee Wisconsin

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