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Collegeteacher Male 63 Gay Relationship
I am looking for long term companionship and we start by friendship and trust that can lead to a rewarding loving relationship. Life is an adventure; enjoy each day and build healthy relationships. I like movies, motorcycling, playing on the piano (still trying to learn) and interesting talk relating to many things including current events. I have hit that point in my life where I like to have friendships, but having that one special partner to love each and every day. Be loved by them is what I want. As I work towards that goal I know I will encounter some great people who may become good friends or just a weekend of adventure. I’m 6 foot 3 inches, stocky build, 42 inch waist, 49 inch chest, 14 inch biceps. My weight is like the stock market up and down. My hair is turning gray but I have a great hair slyest that keeps my hair baby brown :) I have blue eyes. I like to be funny and enjoy quick remarks like a stand-up comedian. I'm laid back and easy going, but can be impatience with dumb immature people or people that are rude to others or they lie. I enjoy conversation and cuddling all night long. I am very straight acting and I don't feel the need to express to everyone my sexuality. My parents were married for over 56 years. They taught me many good things including being loyal to the people you love. I believe two people should be supportive of each other, not engaging in actions or words to lower self-esteem of the other. I retired October 2015 and expect to do lots of fun things for the rest of life and want someone to share it with. I love motorcycling in the mountains of Tennessee. John Wayne and Dirty Harry have been my heroes. I'm told I’m handsome and I must admit I enjoy getting checked out. I'm not into the drugs or party scene. I'm a passionate person and enjoy a lot of physical contact. I must admit I have a high sex drive. I am looking to build a deep emotional and sexual relationship. I was a Sheriff’s Deputy for ten years so I'm not into drugs or drama. Plus I have been the Dean of a college for the last 19 years. I have taught engineering courses and lead a staff of 40 professionals. I have been doing some traveling since 2002- Chicago, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Toronto, Cancun, New York City, Orlando, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Texas, Tennessee, London, Paris, Rome, Egypt, Israel and Greece. My thoughts on building a relationship are I would be a person that would fill your heart with love, joy and fulfill your desires and fantasies. I would be there to share in the bad as well as the good times. We help each other, do our weekly wash, make the bed we share, cook a meal or two, listen as you talk about your day, try to place a smile on your face when your down, and give you space when you need it. Or just be quite and give you a long loving hug to let you know how much you mean to them. Looking for someone to share times talking and encouraging you, or be together watching movies, or out traveling about enjoying activities, or just enjoy romantic evenings at home. Well you don’t have to search for him you found him! I have a nice condo facing a pond watching the ducks, plus I have an indoor hot tub spa, pool table, piano, pool table and entertainment systems. I don’t have any pets. I have an impressive resume and involved in the community as well as the condo board vice-president and well respected in the community. What I am looking for, someone that wants to enjoy each and every day. Someone that is honest, trustworthy, drama free, who is not afraid to speak what is on your mind and do it with tact. Someone that has some of the same interests, but also has other interests they like to pursue and I can learn from them. Plus be good if they enjoys cuddling all night long :) and has a high sex drive like me. Things I enjoy include; motorcycling, pool table, oversea travel- vacations. Love the mountains of Tennessee, the out of doors- nature, woods and lakes. As for music I like just about everything except for Rap. I have about three thousand music CDs and about three thousand movies on Blue-Ray, DVD and VHS; but now into streaming movies, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime. I read books on self- improvement, spiritual growth, history and different cultures. Movies I enjoy include Sci-Fi, action, drama movies that make you feel something inside. TV shows; Law & Order, NCIS, Dr. Phil, Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond (both still makes me laugh). West Wing, national news. I’m searching for a guy with a good attitude, conversation skills, great smile, trustworthy, good work ethic, cute, lean or slim to average build for a companionship and deep intimacy. I don't like wasting time, I have about 30 years left on this planet and there are lots more I want to see and experience, do you want to join me? I’ve jumped out of a plane once, climbed to the top of the pyramid El Castillo at Chichén Itza Mexico, walked the streets of London, Paris, Rome, Cancun, New York City, Toronto, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Chicago, been inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza Egypt, walk the Holy Lands of Israel, and climb to the top of Diamondhead Wiki Hawaii, may do it again with you! I'm a real and sane person looking for the same.
Grand Rapids Michigan

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