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Looking for Strong and Muscular
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CrushingMuscle Male 59 Gay Muscle Boy
Looking for guys that are into Strength, Lifting Weights, Massage, Wrestling and Muscular Guys. Love to top a guy that talks to me about how Strong he is as I am Topping Him. Knowing that a guy could beat the Fuck Out Of Me Outside of the Bedroom Is a HUGE Turn On! love Shorter (You) vs Taller (Me) matches. Flexing Big Biceps Turns me into a Top Daddy! Huge fan of Kissing and Cuddling as well. Don't Mind Being Submissive as well. Especially if you truly need to Dominate a Man! Truly Versatile Here :) My Ultimate Goal Is A Long Term Relationship :) I am good at that :)
Royal Oak Michigan

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