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DC418 Male 42 Gay Jackoff Buddy
Hey, I've always been physically attracted to somewhat older guys, but haven't acted on it much in the past. I'm relatively inexperienced but would be willing to try things with a good guy if there was a connection. I'm a good looking, smart, well adjusted guy,with a professional job, who can take of himself. That said I am interested in being submissive in the bedroom and would prefer a dominant take charge, yet caring type of guy. With the right match at the most basic I'd love a nice night of kissing and cuddling, and more based on what feels comfortable. I am also open to some some kink (spanking, wrestling, bondage) activities that are related to the idea of me being physically controlled by an older man. For better or worse, this fetish/taste doesn't extend to outside the bedroom, as I don't need or want fatherly advice or financial support. Sure, we could maybe be friends outside of the bedroom, but only as equals in other arenas. Would love to hear from you if you are fit, sane, disease free, and interested in what I've written above. Thanks. Note: 2 of the public pics are of me, Other 2 are the kinds of scene/ideal that I am interested in just FYI. If you are also into such things... we'd probably get along!
District of Columbia District of Columbia

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