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Dad looking for a son
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Daddy4twinkson Male 68 Gay Smooth Boy
Looking for a son who is into an older Dad. Boy must be mostly submissive but dominant on occasion. Dad is 5-9, 140, moustache and go-t, 7' cut and hair is full white and black/white. I am mostly smooth but hairy from the mid-section down. I am undetectable poz for nine years. I play safe with neg partners. I like my boy to be mostly smooth but some trimmed pit and pub hair is good. I will keep your butt smooth and shaved. I like my boy to top Dad from time to time. I am into anonymous BB play the first time. I will hood you at the door. Expect to be dominated and abused. I have leather chaps to dress you in. I enjoy a clean boy, not into raunch but please no cologne or deodorant. If you don't shower for a few days that's not a bad thing.
Palm Springs California

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