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Dan_de Male 69 Gay Smooth Boy
Partnered, but always happy to chat to younger guys (up to 30), especially slim and smooth passive guys. I'm looking for an intimate friendship. Since taking early retirement from teaching in a university I have really missed young company. I find it so rejuvenating! I'm a very huggy, affectionate guy. I read, drink coffee, and write books. Too boring for you? I never have time to be bored. If you think we could be friends, message me, especially if I have voted for you! Don't mistake friendliness for gullibility: I have zero tolerance for catfishing stings and won't be anyone's sugar daddy. I'm not keen on chatrooms but I am happy to chat one-to-one! If I like you, I'd like us to get to know each other over time. Smooth and slim are a massive turn-on but I value genuine friendships (with benefits)! If this appeals, don't be shy - message me!
Aberystwyth United Kingdom

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