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I'm a really nice guy... if you believe my beagle Jack. I'd like for you to find out too.
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DarcyT Male 63 Gay Smooth Boy
Hey there, here are a few things that describe me: Long walks with my little beagle 'Jack', staying up late and experiencing the fresh cool air. Camping as much as I can, riding my moped, writing, watching horror, science fiction, fantasy fiction, comedy, drama, action dvd's at home. Tickling my guy with my great big moustache, Being a hopeless old romantic and families..both the one I have and the one I hope to have someday. Being spiritual while not believing in any organized religion. trusting in hope and love but at the same time being realistic about it. Here's a little piece I wrote about romance... The Anticipated Romance Like the false dawn before the light breaks upon the ridge of the sky. It starts with a flutter in the center of your being. That sense where all the possibilities in the world start anew. The blood in your veins begins to quicken. The mind is awash with the will he, could he, please be. My remembered lost loves each of them with their own querulous beginnings. There it is again, that skipping heart. Waiting for the release of those certain chemicals that tell it it's time to race and soar. There is that sense of having started but wanting more. So come to me my darling young man. Whisper in my ear while I hold you tight. That this is where we shall take flight. So lift us up my darling and aim us true towards tomorrow. Just so you know I'm also a sexual creature. Here are some excerpts from an erotic story I wrote. I would start by teasingly kissing your forehead and then your eyelids, just sweet little touches of my lips then as I run my hands through your hair I would nuzzle up to your earlobes with my slightly unshaven face' 'My nose picks up the fragrance of your manhood, so sweet and clean. I don't touch that stirring rod, the center of your pleasure. Instead I reach between your legs pulling them slightly apart. I gaze down at the soft pink flesh between the inside of your thigh and your tightening ball sac. I lower my face into that space bathing it with my wet mouth' ' Eventually my tongue driving to fuck that amazing musky little rosebud as deep as I can and my great big moustache tickling the entrance to that soft and sensitive space' 'You pushing your pulsing boy pussy down the length of my shaft and me pushing my swollen cock into you until my balls are pressed up into your smooth ass cheeks' 'At the last possible moment I tear myself outside of your sweet hotness and there it is, my seed pumps and spills out across your face, your chin and finally across your chest'
Hamilton Ontario

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