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real no drama or sissy I am top looking my soulmate!
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David_Lee Male 45 Gay Relationship
we are always searching for the ideal relationship, the ideal partner, the soulmate, if you will but Love is love, and love is never to be taken for granted or belittled. To me, the question is not, 'Is this person my soulmate?' but 'Is there real love here?' not 'Who is my soulmate?' but 'Do I give and receive love generously and unselfishly?' not 'When will I meet my soulmate?' but 'Am I ready to be in an intensely loving relationship, ready to be challenged for growth?' I do believe that each of us has one or more persons who can help us to growth and become all that we can be, who will support, honor, shelter, guide, serve, succor, challenge, adore, and love unreservedly.
Jakarta Indonesia

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