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David_nc Male 71 Gay Relationship
It would be great to know the magic words to get someone to notice you, but since I don't, this will have to do. I am looking for a special younger man for a relationship. Ideally someone between 18 and 32. The age is not set in stone, it depends on many things. Until the right one comes along, a little fun would be fine. If you'd like to be friends, any age will do!! Love old cars, art, architecture and travel to far- away places... and you???? Now, if you've read this far, you've done well, and if you ask, I do have pictures to send. Due to the last guys I've had contact with on here, the following is necessary...For those of you who are here to get money, you need not ask. I will not send money for any reason whatsoever. You are totally wasting your time, and there is nothng you can say to get me to change my mind on this. I wish I had a dollar for every fake and game player on here, I'd be a millionaire!
Clinton North Carolina

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