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I love to give head.
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Deeporal15 Male 83 Gay Relationship
I love to give head. I don't fuck. Don't mind being fucked if you are really gentle and good at it. I love to kiss. Now that that's out of the way. I'm a gentle person but not effeminate. I'm retired and inclined toward being inclusive spiritually but I'm not religious. I have a small quiet home. I enjoy swimming, theatre and all the other 'gay' things. I am a casual dresser and not into dress up. Once trust is established I'm pretty much of a submissive but not into master/slave stuff. I'm just a good all around older gay man who loves to love and be loved. I'm sexy, sensuous and, with the right person, generous. I prefer monogamy but have learned to live with non-monogamy if it's done right with open communication about everything. I really don't think of myself as a 'daddy'.
Hemet California

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