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Son looking for muscle dad around 50 or dad looking for son around 20
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Deridex1977 Male 43 Gay Muscle Dad
Guy looking for a muscle dad around 50 or a son around 20. Looking for friendship and sex. Love the dad-son ageplay sensation.Looking for a nice dad or son to have sex with. I'm fully versatile (i expect you to be that to), love to kiss and fuck. If your BMI is over 27 or your not muscular please don' t send messages because I won't be interested and you're waisting our time. I only play safe. I don't want presents that stick on or in me. Sons < 23: I'd love to be your dad. Holding and kissing you in bed, giving you a warm safe feeling. Fuck you or rape you whenever you want to and you can do that to me to. I want to be the best incest dad you wish. Not open to golddiggers, i pay my own expences and i am costly enough. Dads > 46: What you've read above is what i want from you. If your black and wear leather you are extra welcome. Who doesn't want to be fucked by a big black muscledad. Real dads and sons are always welcome. - i do not allow anybody to use my pics or texts to be used in any form -
Alkmaar Netherlands

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