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When My People Colonize Your Planet, You Will Be Among the Protected Ones
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FangKC Male 58 Gay Relationship
I'm a nice guy who is sincere, loyal, kind, and has a good sense of humor. I can talk about almost anything with anyone. I have good values: I'm polite; decent to people; not judgmental; and kind to children and old people. I tell the truth; don't cheat, or steal; have empathy for others; and don't step on people to get my way. I'm very open about myself and open-minded as well. My friends trust me, and know that I will do what I can to help them at any time. I'm level-headed in a crisis, pragmatic, and resourceful. There are few things of which I'm afraid. In that way, I'm very confident. People quickly become comfortable around me. I know that money and status are not what makes one happy. I try not to be judgemental, nor do I care what mistakes or problems you've had in the past as long as you are trying to do better, and you're not hurting anyone with your behavior. I don't mind people with flaws. I'm not the type of guy who makes all sorts of demands about what kind of person you should be before I'll even talk with you. The people I've loved most in the world have not been people that fit into a box. I didn't have a lot of set expectations of them before I found out what kind of people they were. I take people as they are, and accept that they can only be who they are now. I like to chat with interesting people--especially if they can make me laugh. I can be a goofball at times, and can make people laugh with things I say. I like photography, travel, architecture, art, live music, films, boating, canoeing, camping, hiking, history, historic preservation, politics, gardening, movies, reading, antique stores, bookstores, music stores, furniture stores, and old cars. I'm originally from a small town in NW Missouri, but have lived in Estes Park, Colorado; Columbia, MO; Phoenix, AZ; New York City; and Kansas City. I consider NYC to be my hometown though, since it's my favorite place in the USA. I love Europe and want to travel there more. I hope to live there at some point in my life. I'd like someone accomplished and intelligent, but you don't have to be a big shot to attract me.
Kansas City Missouri

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