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Voyeur/Photographer/Playmate available at 149 and Broadway
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Fauxtoz Male 68 Gay Black Boy
I am a high libido mature adult who love touch and closeness and affection and sensual men who have a desire to be close and touch and just cuddle and not have a personal agenda beyond mutual pleasure and comfort in each others arms...if that is you then whatever happens beyond that is all good and a mutual reward. I do not like to sleep alone so if sleeping and waking up with a raging hard on is something you enjoy then this would be a great match. I enjoy all men but admit a natural inclination to be with younger, lean men of color or international origin and prefer lean men in general. It is, however, the mind that attracts me most. I would love to have partners who prefer more than a single experience but that is all chemistry so if you think we might be a match by all means get with me and we go from there. I am Dave and you can write me. As most sites limit mail do feel free to write me at that addy for quick response. I am a free member, but not Hope to hear from you. I live above Columbia University just off the number one train 145 stop. I have a place and love to see the city with a man but admit I prefer private time with a man most. Love to cook and have a small dog...and I should tell you I have one bad habit..I smoke, but am tolerant of your habits...we all have some. I am politically liberal and educated and love cerebral men with an open heart and mind and emotional soul.
New York New York

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