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FredBrice Male 69 Bisexual Relationship
I do have trouble with the words “label” and “orientation”. I had considered myself, as a normal male and straight, except for the normal curiosity while growing up, for most of my life. Nevertheless, I remember that I have always enjoyed looked at other males with more intensity than what is to be considered, as a normal attraction. About 10 years ago, I finally admitted to myself I may, NOT be as straight, as I may had once believed. I was bi-curious for several years and lately I have been able to get out and enjoy a few very special moments of lives with other males. I can enjoy exchanging oral pleasures as an Ice Breaker! I once believed that my prefer gender was female, but I find now that most women. carry just too much baggage for me. Females are still nice to see and I still enjoy from time to time, but most males like, myself just understand what other males do enjoy. Currently I enjoy nudity mostly and being nude outdoors. I keep myself shaved smooth, with very little body hair. I do accept myself and I am comfortable with myself. I am a Bi-Sexual Male and I do enjoy, a Fetish of enjoying feminine Lingerie, from time to time, and like meeting others, who also likes to wear feminine Lingerie and play together. I am, not a woman trapped in a man's body, it is just a fetish.
Columbia Missouri

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