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Always open to self improvement, even so I am who I am, know who I am and comfortable with who I am.
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About Me - I am an Ex Sports Trainer , Qualified ESL teacher, with many and varied interests. I am disabled, down to earth, open minded, honest and caring with a good sense of humour, patient and affectionate person, believe I have a lot to offer my partner. - I Believe - No one is normal, ordinary or average, we are all special individuals with our own unique ideas, beliefs and outlooks on life. Just because those ideas and beliefs may differ, that does not mean that we can not all respect one another. Trust is a factor, have to trust to a certain level but for the most part trust is earned, which breeds loyalty. Friendship is the start and basis of a relationship, but does it have to mean everything is about sex? Friendship can be just Friendship. - What I find important in a relationship - Monogamy - Openness & Honesty - Able to Communicate & Willing to Compromise - With Patience & Understanding. - What turns me on - My Partner - What turns me off - Racism, Discrimination, Intolerance, Judgmental people, People wrapped up in their own self-importance -- I hope to make many friends and hold the hope people will be open minded enough to give me a chance, take my hand in friendship. *hugs*
Adelaide Australia

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