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Galacier Male 25 Gay Relationship
I'm a young, thin artist and writer looking to interact with men who are older and/or larger than me. I know how to communicate and take responsibility for my own needs, desires, and boundaries, and I gravitate towards men who can do the same. I'm optimistic, joyful, sincere and playful. I love seeing the beauty in things, whether that be the words I write or the people I surround myself with. I'm looking for men who have integrity and character to interact with in a dad/son dynamic. I'm neither hyper-masculine nor hyper-feminine, rather I see both interaction styles as useful tools in my toolbox. If you're uncomfortable with femininity, or seeking a 'sissy,' then it's likely that we won't have a lot of compatibility. That being said, I enjoy men who enjoy themselves. If you're looking for a cute son that can take care of himself, then I'm your boy :)
Long Beach California

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