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Gaymer69 Male 32 Gay Sex with no commitment
Hey there. Open minded 5'5 multiracial Latino cub here. I'm into roleplays like dad/son etc. as well as ageplay. I enjoying being a 'switch' and can be either the dad or son and older or younger. (This says I prefer Older, but I actually like both young & old & adjust my RP to fit that) I really enjoy the 'naive' aspects, so I enjoy being either the 'curious son' or the 'reluctantly seduced father', and enjoy if you prefer to play one those roles as well. I'm into consensual nonconsent, so I enjoy being the recipient OR the 'giver' of things like being naively 'tricked' into doing sexual things or subtly molested until it slowly builds into something more (like dad rubs my leg & slowly moves his hand upwards until a finger's rubbing lightly against my cock & dad says that he knows a fun game we can play, but we have to keep it secret or mom and the other boys in town will get jealous, etc.) Passionate, oral, tantra, touch, hug, cuddle, etc. Also into massage play. Soft erotic touch. Big on edging. Outside kinks, I like movies, TV, books, anime, comics, & video games. Kind of a geek ;)
Berkeley California
Fresno California
San Francisco California
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