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Looking for LTR - You are Top , I am Bottom
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Gensantos Male 51 Gay Relationship
I am delicate, sensual and romantic . Tho i am working in Canada but i am willing to take risk if you are out of the country for the sake of Long Term Relationship. I am looking for the love of my life. Im devoted into communication with you everyday if you like on Skype cam to cam and talk like you're in front of me. Even if we are distant away the connnection should always be there - we will use all the technology just to connect with each other since bonding is vital and i promise you that i will give you my time after work. I am particular with your dedication to chat or have a videocam with me while getting to know each other and plan in future to meet and have future together where by talking thru cam , or cellphone , text messaging, we will build the foundation everyday and have it realize to see you one day and be with each other in in future and be together on the same roof. I aspire to be your son or your lover rolled into one. I promise that i will help with the finances in my small little way (i am not rich ) when we get together - i am not a lazy person so i can work, take care of the house , do some errands and take care of you emotionally and sexually . I will give you my heart that is more than enough for you to say that life is complete having you beside me. Help me realize that dream - Send me a message and lets make it happen- cheers !
Edmonton Alberta

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