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GeoS Male 66 Gay Relationship
Safe & clean ONLY! I know how to take a shower and enema. Do you? I'm disease free and can prove it. Can you? Not looking for hookups but not opposed to having a little fun now & then. Basically I'm looking for a loving, decent man to share my life with. Is that asking too much? Someone I'm happy to kiss in the morning even if his breath is worse than mine. Someone who can make me laugh till I cry. Someone who will hug me when I cry. Someone who will make me a better person. Someone who will love me when I'm good and when I'm bad. Someone who will trust me with his dreams and sorrows. Someone who won't laugh at mine. Someone who will show me things I've never seen. Someone who won't scream and run away when a new wrinkle pops up and another hair falls out. Someone who likes getting a blowjob and will fuck the shit out of me once in a while (and vice versa) and still be there the next day. Someone who can hold a conversation about something other than fashion, decorating & pop 'culture'. Someone who enjoys giving & getting a massage. Someone who will sing to me sometimes ... or read to me ... or at least cook for me ... or do the laundry or the dishes, whatever - I'm not that picky. Physically I prefer younger, lean/muscular men but character is more important than great looks or race. A big heart is more important than a big schlong but both are ideal. Loyalty, honesty, decency, compassion, integrity, humor are not optional and I practice what I preach. Remember, cleanliness is next to sexiness.
Lake Worth Florida
New York New York

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