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Globetrotter36 Male 47 Gay Smooth Boy
Hello guys!I m a 36 years old man from Italy even if at the moment I m living in Norway.!!It s not easy to describe oneself because often words are cheap and I prefer to show my values, ideas and thoughts rather than talking, talking and talking...but I realize that this is the only mean I have to try to find an interesting guy here on the net!I think to be a nice person, respectful and honest....; I like to give importance to everything I do and live!I m not used to take anything for granted and for this reason I would like to get in touch with serious guys who don t like to waste their time and believe in what they re doing!! I m into travels and in general I like to discover different cultures, languages and people!It d be great to find someone to share my interests with because in my opionion life is a path made of emotions worthy being shared...!I m looking for a younger guy (no OLDER than 24) no matter where you live or where you re from...!Since I m NOT a premium member leave me your address and I will write you and give you my msgr! See ya!
Roma Italy

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