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Laid back yet strick control freak at time but good natureif thrown to you for so that u can honed ur skills at skin horders.
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GuyBos Male 64 Gay Twink Boy
Upstart Energetic and Horny Jock Daddy looking for specific fetish submissive Son. My boy will have to be smart, submissive by either nature or choice (question will be answered at early stages), understanding the notions of Service, Servitude, Slavery, Freedom, Property, Surrendering, alienation, humiliation, worship, sacrifice, self inflicted bodily punishment and above all, ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE. Aside from that, since I want you young, be pretty, alluring, flirting, provocative, intensely sexual and yet projection of shadow personality when at the side of his Dad.Training will come from me and nothing is asked of my applicant Boy but honesty and earnest desire to give control of his life to a Man. This subject will be discussed and explained at length. Now, it's up to you boys, if you want me, contact me and I will immediately ween applications that I will judge either un-respectful, irrelevant, inane and out of context. I expect a few good ones and the one I select will then have to pass a initial compatibility test between him and his Dad. May the race begin. My hopes are with you young beauties to find the way to get my horny, hot and demanding body in ur pocket.
Boston Massachusetts

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