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HOTROCKS Male 50 Gay Fuck Buddy
ABOUT ME LOOKING FOR SERIOUS DAD OR BOY MUSCLE (21 to 65)... From HUGE BODYBUILDERS (ANY AGE - THE BIGGER THE BETTER!) TO smooth lean worked-out MUSCLED JOCK BOYS! Constant craving 4 Muscle-on-Muscle ACTION! Wanna share my bod, my smooth bubble butt, my hot mouth, and my ROCK HARD COCK with muscled-out boys and dads 'til our nuts are on FIRE and we SHOOT 4 DAYS! Wanna play 4 HOURS with young, clean-shaven, handsome, baby-faced, SUCK-N-FUCK boys who CAN'T GET ENOUGH... and I hope you have big JOCK dicks, and MONUMENTAL HOT LOADS! JUST COMPLETELY CRAZY 4 BIG PUMPED-UP MUSCLE! IF SIZE=MUSCLE, THEN I'M A TOTAL 'SIZE KING' HERE -- MUSCLE-WORSHIPER XXXTREME! Dream Scenario (My Heaven!): To Tounge-Worship: a set of 45 INCH PECS, 20 INCH BICEPS, & 30 INCH QUADS. Also - want ROCK-HARD BODYBUILDERS 2 just HAVE THEIR WAY.... SERIOUS ABOUT MUSCLE. U BE 2.
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

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