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HouTxKissable Male 66 Gay Fuck Buddy
I'm a romantic. Not looking for a 'son/boy' and do not want someone seeking a 'Daddy', I am just an older man that enjoys a bit younger 'man', not a Nellie queen . Love kissing, cuddling, relaxing times, giving massages, oral vers, rimming and being top. I like cooking and eating out, travel, history, art, home improvement projects, country music, shopping, day trips(drives). General preferences are White, Latino (not prejudiced, but black doesn't do it for me sexually). Body preferences range from built like brick shit-house to realistic build of average, slender to some extra pounds; a belly is OK (not very heavy-set), shorter to taller and clean shaven face to stubble to neatly trimmed beard (with or without mustache, without is A ) and smooth to furry. Turn-ons: Eyes, Smile, sense of humor, Man that knows how to kiss (not that hard 'see how butch I am' or 'wimpy'..needs to be just right and passionate), falling asleep together (spooning and caressing throughout the night). A great kisser and cuddling is A . Turn-offs:Nellie acting, bad hygiene, messy/dirty
Houston Texas

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