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HugDon0 Male 69 Gay Muscle Boy
I am just a very nice RETIRED guy who loves younger men. I love to do dad-son roleplay. I would really adore a somewhat MUSCULAR guy who wants to show-off and please me with his nice BOD. IN BED I just need a decent cock to suck dry EVERY night. I also love to edge a guy and then let him EXPLODE. I am very open to new things and experimenting---would love to TEACH a younger guy who is totally inexperienced. It would be great if a good LTR develops between me and my guy as I am always looking and hoping for that ALSO I do hope he can TOP me gently as I can be a decent bottom IF my guy likes that. I have played with BDSM where I am DOMINANT and the boy is tied. BDSM is NOT required but I bet I can teach my boy to ENJOY it. I know I can be a great gaydad because I have been just THAT in the past. I just moved to the FLORIDA KEYS and I think any good SON-TYPE would love this area----lots of fun on the beaches and water.!-That is why I am looking AGAIN as a single guy to find my match--MY 'Mr. Right' If this description even comes CLOSE then let me KNOW----Hit me up and lets connect by phone and email ETC to work something out HOPING --DON HUGHES
Marathon Florida

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