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ITALIANboy Male 27 Gay Bear Dad
2 Things before starting reading: -English is ont my native language, so sorry for grammar mistakes! -I'm really horny and pervy. You've been advised! I am a boy who loves mature men, sexually and emotionally. I practiced as much sexual (safe) experience as I could. I did bondage, roleplay, watersports, any kind of soft and complete vanilla sex, sexual toys play, petplay, threesomes, outdoor sex. And stuff I don't remember. I really, really like people that know what they want. I'm not a bottom at acting in things, but I'm very, very stimulated by guys that have initiative in sex. And I love twisted fetishes (oh myyy!). I'm open to everything and everyone. Just let's be happy! Some fetish toys and accessories I tried and used:Dildo, Buttplug, Ropes and handcuffs and bandages, Enema gears, Ballgag, Popper, Chastity device, Diaper, Women clothes, Flashlight, Leash and collar, Dog bowls... Some random things that make me horny: Masturbating, being cummed on the face, being naughty filthy & dirty, being pissed on, being told 'cum for daddy', being treated like a dirty little whore, being used as a urinal, blow jobs, bondage, butt plugs, chastity devices, cuddles, enema, bondage, diapers, dog collars, doing dirty things in inappropriate places, eating my own cum, furry, gaging and choking on a hard cock, getting pleasure from pleasing others, group sex, humiliation, fuck like an animal, incest play, kissing, latex, musk, musky cock and ball sniffing, mutual masturbation, natural scent, petplay, animalsex, scat, public hidden orgasms, scent, sex in public, sex with strangers, spitting, submission, verbal humiliation and degradation, watersports, ABDL. So... What I am looking for? To be completely sincere with you, I look for a man with personality and interests to know and make his life a little... Spicy! To do that, I'm open to move and know you. I really love the idea to know a new, distant place. It's a thing pretty much impossible normally for me being a student with no economic possibilities. But I decided in any case to try for this dream (yes, it's a dream for me) and subscribe here anyway. I'm hoping from the deep that you that you are reading, could change something of my life, and I desire to do that for you. I'm a positive, always smiling boy, and I love men that are positive and not too serious in life. I want to learn new things. So, if I want something so 'massive' like hoping to move and getting know with you, I talk to you mostly about my sexual desires instead of my passion for comics or videogames? Well, I have to say, that the things I wrote I rarely find them around, expecially in my country. It's what I have of most intimate, the revealing of me being a complete and devote dork, and I'm giving that to you as first, so that I have nothing ever to hide, if you find that sexy of me. And I hope that you will do the same with me. Hoping that I have not scared you, that you are a nice, caring and complete pervert, I hope to hear you soon. -Funny fact: I don't really know who you are, but I sincerely love you and hope all the good for you
Reggio Emilia Italy

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