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Hello. each and everyone have a great day to read my profile i hope you have a some interested. ABOUT ME: I m Sylvester 20 years of age. i m kind of person understand I'm a down to earth.I'm healthy and I live a healthy life style. Sincere,honest person with a good heart and spirit.Sense of humor. I value trust and loyalty above everything else.Fun to be with,pleasant, likable, & lovable personality,Love people, Love life, Have a Positive attitude,Easygoing I know that i been in relation before but i was HURT. but i believe that you can love a person in the right places that you can be with him again a new heart that you can feel your true feelings between you and him. i been in 2years no boyfriend but i relazie now that i need to open my other to other people.. i hoping on this site even do i m NEW here i hope i can meet a SERIOUS type of guy.. for?: im looking for a serious relationship. its been my dream to be live with the person who will love and accept me, and in return i will give my heart to him also. big hearted, kind, understanding, and most of all a loving. that no matter what happen we can still survive every struggles that may come in our way. And i am looking for someone that i can hold everyday facing the sunrise.... you can contact me if you want too, its free to know me more. then :) you can judge me I Love You Guys... Good Luck.
Mindanao Philippines

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