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Imagr8m8 Male 61 Gay Relationship
I'm PATIENTLY looking around for a regular lil'buddy who wants something more than NSA hook-ups with an endless string of strangers...a genuine nice guy on the outside with a real naughty-boy inside...who wants to get comfortable enough to share his wildest fantasies & relaxed enough to fully explore them...a guy who actually LIKES the age & size difference, 'cause I'm not gonna be any younger, smaller or smoother next week. I fully expect my lil'buddy to have a buddy his own age (and hope to be cool grandpa someday) while I'd enjoy another coach-dad on the team, too...maybe all hanging out as dads'n'lads? Things don't have to get all complicated with me and I can put the 'buddies' pieces together in lots of different just seems SO much better when you actually like the person attached to the dick, ya? ;-)
Phoenix Arizona
San Diego California

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