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I'm JC & love giving Erotic Massage
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JC Male 46 Gay Dating
Wow a description that hard to do or is someone hard. LOL Let me help you with your fantasies and dreams. I love giving erotic massages with candles lit and soft music going. I love going to dinner and a movie for a date, or just a nice night at home watching a movie and cuddling up on the couch or bed 'you pick'. I'm looking for that guy that love to come over and kiss me when he walks in the door and if I don't kiss him first. A guy that likes calling me to see if Im ok but really just becuase he wanted to hear my voice and talk to me. I can be the boy type to the man in control type, it really depends on the man. But I find I like guys my age or older. Not say I will not look or date a guy younger than me. so IM me or email me or what ever you want to. I'm a open outspoken book, that does not lie. Let's see I love to have fun. Going to the clubs with friends every now and then. But I like to talk on the phone til the morning light comes up (or I fall asleep). I keep secrets very good. I keep mine for years. I love taking the dog to the lake just to walk around and swim 'Skinny Dip'. I love to cook and can cook just about anything. I love all types of music (but some just better than others). I'm a open book if you ask I will tell. Because I to please. But Boyz I only please the man I'm with. So work fast before it is to late. If you want my number just ask but remember I will look at your profile and you must give me your's first. If I give you my number first then you are SPECIAL and believe me thats good. Can be a bitch sometime but a real man will know what to do for that :). So I think you get the point I'm OUT SPOKEN deal with it or get lost. But The right person can ask and I will tone it down for them just alittle. Someone to have a relationship with that will last a life time. Someone that is not pushy. There are some day you just want someone to call and just talk to, just to hear their voice and to know everything will be ok. Well guys the lights are going down and the candles are starting to be lit so email me.
Waxahachie Texas

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