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Los Angeles Younger Daddy ISO his own son
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J_T_ Male 69 Gay Smooth Boy
One half of a long term couple (40 years). We're just looking to have some fun. Locals and distant admirers are more than welcome to shoot me a message (pardon the pun). Very passionate kisser, and while I lean towards bottoming, I do top occasionally, and I'm very good at both. Interested in meets, text, cyber, fantasies, you name it, I can get into it. Oh, and while I'll entertain those of any height, lately I've had a passion for smaller guys, anywhere from 4'6' to 5'8'. Dunno why, but I enjoy making love to them. We travel a lot; twice a year you will find us on another continent exploring the world. 'Travel is fatal to prejudice.' Mark Twain. The more we learn about others, the better to understand this crazy planet. A young traveling partner would round out any trip nicely. If you would like to say hi to us, we're regulars at The Faultline Bar in East Hollywood for the Sunday Beer Bust (we're there from 2:00 to 4:00). Come share a beer with us there . Good luck here. I've met some awesome (and some not so much) people. J.T.
Los Angeles California

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