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I want a soul mate a lover for a long term serious relationship
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Jamesboy4older Male 27 Gay Relationship
I am an affectionate loving, caring, stable person. Happy go lucky, enjoying quite afternoon at garden, would love some one to make my life more wonderful and share every thing with. I want a soul mate a lover, confidant, a buddy, a friend that will die with me and I will always love such a person. I want a person to love me to be one in every respect. I enjoy cuddling, hugging, touching, evenings at home together, as well as evenings out, movies, dinner, traveling. I like the outdoors, garden, walking, hiking, camping, swimming, the beach, the mountains and forests. I would like to provide security, love, and fun times, for any older man who could also care about me. Interested person do not hesitate to drop by through my inbox….
Los Angeles California

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